Title Notturno Settimo
Gender Male
  • 17 (Beginning)
  • 19 (2YL Arc)
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 14th
Famiglia Notturno Famiglia
Generation VII
Story Debut Target 24


Sirius is the Notturno Famiglia's seventh boss, he is a quite interesting boy with long blue hair and amber eyes. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, the eyepatch is engraved with the Notturno's 'N'. He also has a star-shaped earring like his guardians. There's an orange stone in the center of the star, the color of his flame. As well as his guardians, he wears a long dark coat and an orange little cape over it with the symbol of the Notturno at the center, a star with a 'N' in the middle and a moon upside down.

Sirius appeared in Namimori with his guardians just before Christmas. He declared himself the protector of Namimori after defeating the Vongola Eleventh family and it's because of him that the family takes a trip to Italy and then travel around the world in the Clover's arc.

He seems to be quite confident and arrogant, not much is known about him, Tsuna and Gokudera also seem to know something about his family, as can be seen in chapter 25.

Actually, the Notturno are allies of the Vongola, and Sirius only wanted to show his strenght to Decimo's daughter and her guardians. He was asked by Decimo to keep an eye on the city, protecting it in order to stop his daughter and her guardians' night missions.

Sirius seems a serious and mysterious guy, almost fascinating and firm. In fact, this is the first impression people have of him. When approaching a person, he reveals his real personality, that's pretty much the opposite: he's affectionate, lively, talkative, optimistic and very friendly, always trying to help people, seems also very naive but he's not stupid. He seems to have really two personalities, as can change immediately from energetic and playful to serious and confident.
He loves his long hair, spends a lot of time to brush it and he's quite vain.
Despite being Italian loves to fight with the katana, he took lessons from a Japanese teacher and is very clever. Often wears a long black cloak with the symbol of the family, has a star-shaped earring as his other guardians, the stone in the center is orange like his flame.
He seems to have a crush for Nozomi, every time he meets her he wants to hug the girl.

His guardians have all names of constellations. They are:
Leone (storm), Cassiopea (lightning), Colomba (mist), Eridano (rain), Lira (cloud), Orione (sun)



Sirius fight with a decorated katana.


  • He loves collecting Nozomi's pictures, combing his long hair, surfing the internet, watching comedy shows on TV
  • He seems to have a particular friendship with Diamante, he calls affectionately as "Dia".