Kyoko Sasagawa


Gender female
Age unknown (around 40)
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 4
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Generation X
Story Debut Target 25

For information about the original character and everything happened in Katekyou Hitman Reborn, read here.

Kyoko Sasagawa (笹川 京子, Sasagawa Kyoko) is Tsuna's wife and Nozomi's mother, she has blond long straight hair and amber eyes. She has always been admired by Tsuna until they are engaged and married. She went in the same class with him.

Kyoko has always been a generous and understanding woman, at the same time she is strong and firm in her convictions, although she tends to rely too much on others believing their words even if they aren't true.
She loves her husband and supports him in all his choice, she is sure that he will make the best decisions.

She wasn't very much agree with Tsuna when he decided to act strict with Nozomi, but she was next to her daughter to let her know what happened.
When Tsuna asked her to move to Namimori with Nozomi, she decided to stay with him because she didn't want to leave him alone. She explained that she often would go to visit her daughter but Tsuna needs her.