Jonathan Goldman


Title 11th Simon Mountain Guardian
Gender Male
  • 16 (Beginning)
  • 19~20 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 15th
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Generation XI
Weapons/Items Elizabeth (spanner)
Flames Mountain
Story Debut Target 19


Jonathan Goldman, called Fudou by everyone because his height, is the guardian of the mountain of Simon Eleventh. He has his hair shaved on the sides and a mohican, blacks at the bottom and pink on the tips. He has blue eyes and a goatee.

Fudou is a very shy boy and he is often in silence to observe others. With Simon, his friends, he is a little more open and he feels comfortable with Caesar. He is English and sometimes he says "God save the Eleventh" for funny.

He loves dressing punk style, sometimes he has the habit of smoking a few cigarettes and he seems to like boys. He's very high and sometimes people are scared about it, despite he is kind and selfless. Fudou loves to paint and it is not strange if sometimes you can see him drawing something on canvas.

Being a shy type, sometimes he is also lonely and he loves to do long walks along the highway on his motorcycle, a Harley Davidson.


He fights using a spanner named Elizabeth as a weapon. With the flame of the mountain he is able to transform the upper half of the body in an armor and with athe spanner, which he seems particularly fond of, he can move even the larger rocks and the earth beneath him.


  • Fudou is 1.92 high and his weighs is 86 kg.
  • It seems to like Luca, when they are in the same place, several times it happens that he watches him.

Character Design © Mastah