Haname Inoya


  • Ame no Shugosha
  • DreamRain
  • Haname
  • Number XI
Gender female
  • 15 (Beginning)
  • 18~19 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 20
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Generation XI
Flames Rain
Family Mizuko Inoya (Mother)
Story Debut Target 1


Haname Inoya is the Vongola XI Famiglia's Guardian of Rain. She has long and black hair with two braids and she has cyan eyes. Her father died for a disease when she was 2, their grandparents rejected to help Haname and her mother, Mizuko Inoya, so they started to live alone in a little apartement. She lived in Namimori with her mother until she sold their house to move to another city. Haname decided to stay in Namimori with Nozomi and the others so she was accepted by Arashi and Masato in their house.

She dresses cute styles, usually in a lolita style mode (sweet, sailor and classic too). She likes the fashion, she is elegant and mature and she is very intelligent and nice too. She can sew and embroider, she want to become a stylist. Anyway, when she is euphoric, she totally changes. She can be very psychotic, so they think she has a split personality.

Vongola Family

She is the Guardian of Rain, she is nice and she can tranquilize the members of the family. She loves almost everyone and always she helps with plans and strategies. She loves the tenth Guardian of Rain.


She uses two katars attached to her hands.

She loves to use them, at the beginning it seems that she was good but later she realized that they are not suitable for serious fighting and she had to reluctantly give it up in favor of a weapon more suited to her.

Her mother commissioned them when she was thirteen and she really loved them, though she was more experienced with something like a sword. Anyway she quickly learned to use them and she used them until the Clover's arc, when she was defeated by Diamante.

She loves to use swords, she thinks it is elegant and aristocratic. She is fast, she has high dexterity and accuracy.


  • If she become angry, she can destroy everything (even if it is very difficult to make her angry)
  • She has sewn a Vongola Primo doll for Nozomi.
  • Almost every dress the Number XI have are created by Haname.
  • She ideated the Sky Rod's appearence together with Nozomi.
  • Her perfect animal is the Orcinus Orca.