Gender Male
Age unknown
Status Alive
Date of Birth unknown
Flames Sun
Story Debut Target 2x02

Gazi, together with Erol and Alp, is part of the group of rebels who want to kick Raif to restore freedom in Mirjad. He has black and curly hair, he has a bandage over his left eye and wears a bandana in his hair.
He has the flame of the sun and fights with his fists. Gazi seems to know the Vongola, in fact he is the one who gives Nozomi the opportunity to fight Erol and to prove them that she is strong enough to help them.
He loves helping people and he is very wise. He manages to be calm even when Raif shoot the people in the square during the executions.

He thinks it is wrong to kill people, it is he who tells Nozomi that she has to understand all the people and she doesn't have to judge people and execute them.
It is him who teaches Nozomi and her guardians to use their flames and he called Nozomi's flame as "Fiamma della Felicità".

He participates in the reconstruction of the city and he said that if the Vongola need help, he will help them.