Caesar Kozato


Title Simon Undicesimo
Gender Male
  • 17 (Beginning)
  • 20~21 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 6
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Generation XI
Weapons/Items Enma's Gloves
Flames Earth Flame
Family Kozato Enma (Father)
Story Debut Target 18


Caesar Kozato has dark brown hair and red eyes, typical of Simon descendants. He is the future eleventh boss of the Simon, son of Enma. Caesar is very confident, he seems to have everything under his control.

He likes teasing people, he seems to show superiority, but he doesn't do it with malice. He likes to make fun and tease in an ironic way. Despite his "thug" look, he is a selfless person, he loves helping people and fighting for this reason. He has already the Earth Ring, he soon is going to take the place of his father. As with every Simon and Vongola, he seems to have a particular affinity with Nozomi, with whom he has a love / hate relationship and he consider her a little brother/sister.


He inherited his father's gloves, he is very good and also has a good strength. During the battle of "presentation" with the Vongola, he reveals a higher power and he seems to be already able to use well his flame.



  • He is interested in music after seeing the summer festival, he can sing very well.
  • He loves teasing Nozomi and he treat her as a male.
  • He often change his partner, he says he likes to "play" with them.

Dress © KamikazeMiku