Title 11th Simon Glacier Guardian
Gender Male
  • 16 (Beginning)
  • 17~18 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 17th
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Generation XI
Flames Glacier
Story Debut Target 18


Blizzard has aquamarine hair tied in a small ponytail and yellow eyes. He is the Eleventh Simon Family's guardian of the glacier, Caesar's right arm. Like his boss, he loves to tease people but he is quite annoying. He get bored easily and often loses his cool over trifles, even if he tries to maintain its reliability. He is very cold and seems indifferent, he seems snob.

He loves to read and loves old books and ancient stories like the Japanese one. Just like Nozomi and Caesar, he seems to have a love / hate relationship with the Eleventh Vongola Family's guardian of the storm.


He owns the Ring of the glacier. Bliz uses his flame to freeze everything around him and with the ice he can create any weapon: swords, daggers, halberds etc.


  • He seems to like the Eleventh Vongola Family's Storm Guardian.
  • He always says "here" at the end of each sentence.
  • He isn't japanese but he likes to wear kimonos and yukata.