Gender female
  • 17
  • 18~19 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 13th
Famiglia Neveria Famiglia
Generation VIII
Family Cristal (Brother)
Story Debut Target 2x15

Biancaneve (Snow White)'s eyes are purple and she has albino hair with light blue shades, they are tied on the left side of the head in a bun and a braid. She is Cristal's little sister.

Bianca is very sweet, caring, polite and at first sight seems naive, with a poor sense of direction. She was lost in Canada and was helped by Caesar and Nozomi, during their trip to Swizzles.

She seems to depend very much on her brother, who is always together with since childhood. She also has in common with him the same hobby of ice skating.

Despite her personality may seem quiet and calm when she gets intimate with someone becomes very talkative and enthusiastic, proving to be a dreamer and romantic teenager. She can be quite distracted, trying not to be discouraged by adversity, being tough and fight with all she has.
Sometimes she can, however, lose heart, especially when her brother isn't with her.

She has a deep friendship with Luca, at the beginning he was also interested in her.


  • She loves watching romantic movies, ice-skating, caring for flowers and plants from the greenhouse.
  • She works as her brother's secretary.