Arashi Fukada
Present | 2YL


  • Arashi no Shugosha
  • DreamStorm
  • Arashi
  • Number XI
Gender female
  • 14 (Beginning)
  • 17~18 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth August 24
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Generation XI
Flames Storm
Story Debut Target 1


Arashi Fukada is Nozomi's best friend and her right-hand. She is the Guardian of Storm, she is long red-haired and she has brown eyes, she usually dress like a goth/punk/metal girl with dark colors, broaches and chains. Her parents have disappearead since she was a child and they never known what happened, so she lives with her old brother Masato Fukada and their grandfather Ryosuke Fukada in a big western house in Namimori. She is 14 and she goes to Namimori high school with Nozomi, Haname and Kaito. She can speak japanese and italian.

She is a strong girl, she really loves Nozomi and sometimes she is jealous. She is realiable but she is instinctive, short-tempered and, if you don't know her well, she can seem unlovely. She loves play videogames and the music like every other members of the Family, she loves to fight and to protect the people she loves. Her dream is to make a great and big family full of dreams and where everyone can realize their dreams (as Nozomi's one).

Vongola Family

She is the Guardian of Storm and she is proud of that. She want to protect Nozomi and the others, she loves to fight and to take part in fights and wars to save peoples and to obtain something, just like the games they love to play. She loves Kyouya Hibari and she cherish him. She thinks the tenth Guardian of Storm is very attractive.


She has two twin guns, Scarlet and Raven. They are black and grey, they haven't some particular design. Masato built them to her sister when she was eleven, she wanted to have a real weapon in order to protect Nozomi and he decided to create them because Arashi was good with these kind of weapons. She holds them in two holsters she has attached to her legs, she usually holds them in her belt too.

Arashi loves to shot, she has a polygon on the first floor of her house. She has high accuracy, strong and concentration. She is always in the center of the fights.


  • She hates Jun and Masato because Jun is useless and Masato is annoying.
  • She really loves Nozomi. Yeah, in that way.
  • She sometimes sleeps with Nozo when she goes to her place and stays for the night.
  • She is a little bit hentai. She loves to lift Nozomi's skirt or touch her.
  • Her perfect animal is the panther