Anemone famiglia is a tiny Italian mafia family whose boss is a man named Raimondo.


All its members, except the boss, wear dark suits and sunglasses. The family consists of a few elements, but the boss attributed it to the economic crisis.


It has never been allied with anyone but Raimondo wanted to become allied with the Vongola, he respected them. Just when he thought he wanted to meet Vongola Decimo, he came into contact with one of his guardians, Sasagawa Ryohei, who noticed, with his usual enthusiasm, that Raimondo is "extremely short". The man became angry to the point of swearing revenge against the Vongola, so he moved to Japan in search of the future Vongola Eleventh, thinking she would be an easy target.


They attack the enemy with frontal attacks and acts of terrorism. They placed a bomb in a clinic and a in shopping center.